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Ultra High Density Dry Ice (UHDDI)

ultra-highUHDDI dry ice is a proprietary product designed by Pacific and Reliant Dry Ice for shipping biomedical products. The design was created by a unilateral concern and need by the biotech industry of ensuring that their high value products are shipped with enough refrigerant to get to the point of destination under their SOP standards. Currently the typical shipping company will utilize approximately 8 to 14 lbs of pellets in an insulated shipping box. By utilizing UHDDI the same company could utilize 6 to 8 lbs versus the 8 to 14 lbs of pellets to provide the same safe shipping time. The customer not only saves money on dry ice cost but also saves on lower freight for each shipping container due to the lower weight class, and the size of the container can be reduced thus lowering the packaging materials cost. For a demonstration, please contact us so that we can have the opportunity to show you this exciting new development.

The technology behind UHDDI is simple. The higher the density of dry ice, the slower the sublimation rate (or longer work life). The density of UHDDI is approximately 22 percent higher than that which is being produced by the industry norm. In addition the binding agent in UHDDI is approximately 100 percent higher versus conventional glycol free dry ice. Because of this, the product maintains its shape longer and yields to less breakage when being handled.

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