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The Eco-Friendly Benefits Of Dry Ice Blasting

Wednesday, January 13th, 2021
Dry ice blasting

Today, many businesses are adopting “green” cleaning practices that have been successful in not harming the environment. One of the more popular resources is dry ice, which has been ruled as an environmental-friendly cleaning substance by multiple government agencies like the EPA and FDA. Companies are switching from chemical cleaning solvents to dry ice pellets as the sole cleanser of their facilities.

Using this product to clean a specific area will help to reduce the amount of water and other chemical solvents used to complete the cleaning process. It does this by enhancing the sanitation of the area and preventing further contamination. The following are some important facts you should know about dry ice and how it can keep your facilities clean.

Dry ice is clean and safe to use

The use of dry ice as a cleaning substance has been approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Both federal agencies consider this product a non-hazardous material that reduces mold and bacteria growth.

Dry ice is a popular cleanser in the food industry because it is safe to use on food processing equipment and other cooking utensils. This is because the cleaning process is non-conductive and non-corrosive. This product reduces the amount of air emissions released and the volume of secondary waste left behind. The dry ice blasting cleaning process produces no waste, water runoff, or chemical residue on any of the hard surfaces cleaned. All that remains is the disposal of the container that was holding the dry ice pellets.

Like dry ice, other cleansers impact a surface during the cleaning process, but this product is safer and non-toxic. The use of dry ice pellets eliminates all threats of an employee being exposed to a dangerous, toxic cleaning agent inside the workplace.

How toxic cleaning methods compare

Other cleaning methods (like sand, soda, and water blasting) can leave secondary toxic waste that will need to be removed immediately to avoid the risk of contamination. Sand and soda blasting are highly likely to kill surrounding vegetation during the cleaning process and use extra water. The use of dry ice pellets eliminates the need for water to complete the task. This will account for substantial economic savings and environmental benefits for all companies who choose this approach.

Water blasting uses a significant amount of hot water. Sometimes, between 12 and 25 barrels are required during each cleaning session. Replacing this expensive format with dry ice will help to reduce your company’s energy consumption.

Other cleaning solvents are often considered to be highly toxic, and they leave too much waste to be disposed of without harming the environment. Workers can easily become exposed to these potentially harmful chemicals while using them to clean up the workspace, and while removing byproducts. This means you could be putting your employees at risk as well.

Why dry ice is so environmentally friendly

The greenhouse effect has become a worldwide concern for all. Dry ice does not contribute to the greenhouse effect because it is a natural byproduct of reclaimed CO2. This means that it will not produce more as it evaporates during the dry ice blasting process. CO2 is a natural element of the earth, comprising less than one percent of the atmosphere. It is a tasteless, odorless, colorless gas that can be found naturally in the environment.

Dry ice is made from CO2, but it never produces or releases excess carbon dioxide into the environment. All living things give off CO2, which is absorbed by plants to help them grow, and in turn, they give off oxygen to sustain life. When you use dry ice to clean your facilities and machines, you can be sure that you are using the most environmentally friendly method possible.

Dry ice is a versatile product that can be used in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. If you are looking for dry ice in large quantities, contact the experts at Reliant Dry Ice today. We are passionate about providing high-quality and reliable products for all of your needs. Call us at tel: (432.305.5992) or Contact Us by email to learn more About Us, our Products, and Dry Ice Blasting.