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The Basics Of Shipping With Dry Ice

Tuesday, June 12th, 2018
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Shipping perishable items can be one of the most stressful things your business can undertake. Sending your products to the available market outside your local area is extremely beneficial. However, shipping your products can also damage your reputation if not done correctly. The problems are compounded if your client is another business, because this type of customer can provide valuable steady income. If you are thinking about shipping your perishable items, consider using dry ice to keep your goods usable upon delivery.

Dry ice can ship many items in a variety of industries

When you think about shipping perishable items, food is likely the first thing to come to mind. However, dry ice can preserve a variety of perishable items including supplies for research facilities and laboratories, flowers for events, cakes, biomedical products, and pharmaceutical goods. It is important to know what type of this material you will need for your products before you ship them. Fruits and vegetables host a very weak cell structure that will be frozen if placed with dry ice. With proper control of the carbon dioxide, the temperature can be controlled to stop the break down of the cell structure.

Dry ice products that can be used for shipments

As briefly illustrated above, there are a variety of products you can ship using dry ice to keep them cold. For example, you can use blocks or pellets to ship perishables that need to stay sub-zero, like medical supplies. You can use dry ice packaging bags or gel packs for shipping meat and other foods. Slabs can be used to ship bulky items or larger amounts of perishable goods. You can also contact a wholesale supplier to prepare custom dry ice for your specific products.

Using dry ice safely

Only trained personnel should handle dry ice when shipping your products. Protective gear like gloves should be worn at all times, as this material can can cause injuries similar to burns. If you are storing this material at your facility, it should only be placed in insulated containers that are not airtight. Having proper air ventilation in the containers and the area where your dry ice is stored is vital for the safety and health of your employees. However, it is safest not to store this material at all and only pick it up from the supplier when necessary.

Looking for wholesale dry ice to ship your products?

If you would like to purchase dry ice for your commercial shipping needs, give Reliant Dry Ice a call today at (714) 330-4281. You can also Contact Us to learn more about our services, Products, and service areas. We provide high-quality, safe products to a variety of industries throughout the United States.