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How Dry Ice Helps After A Power Outage Emergency

Saturday, September 22nd, 2018
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Some consumer and commercial uses for dry ice include food preservation, experiments conducted in schools, holiday decoration, and cold shipping for food and medical specimens. What you may not know is that dry ice is often used as an emergency resource as well. This popularity stems from its ability to store food, perishables, and medications in a cool environment during power outages. Following strong and severe storms, emergency crews in some areas distribute this product to commercial business, hospitals, and even individuals.

A great example: St. Lawrence County, New York

A wind storm hit this area and left 4,500 residents in the dark and without power. It was a devastating event that broke utility poles and wires, felled trees, and caused much damage throughout the county. About 8 towns in St. Lawrence County were without power. The emergency crews brought dry ice and bottled water to distribute to those affected. The dry ice was given to them to help preserve food.

How to handle dry ice safely

If you do not handle dry ice correctly, it can become a health hazard. This is a very helpful and extraordinary resource that must be handled with care. Properly ventilate your vehicle if you are transporting dry ice to prevent the buildup of carbon dioxide. When touching dry ice, use handling cloths, protective clothing, and gloves. Do not let food or other items come into direct contact with this product.

Consider purchasing dry ice prior to potential outages

You can contact your local dry ice supplier to arrange a pre-purchase of dry ice if you know there is a major storm coming. If you own a business, having an emergency dry ice supply may save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in lost food. If you handle medical specimens and samples, having a backup plan is vital. Arranging for delivery of dry ice when an outage occurs may save you valuable time. This is a cost effective solution if done before the storm, even at the standard or non-emergency rate.

Storing dry ice properly will help keep your items fresher for longer. Wherever you keep the dry ice, make sure the area is well-ventilated. This is because the material lets off carbon dioxide as it evaporates. You can wrap your dry ice in newspaper to insulate it, as well as keep water ice nearby for even more effective cooling.

Are you looking for large quantities of dry ice?

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