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Gel Pack

Kodiak Brand reusable gel packs are excellent for shipping perishables. They provide portable, concentrated cold lasting longer than ice. The refrigerant is designed to protect your product from freezing or over-heating even in extreme conditions. Available in a durable laminated plastic pouch, Kodiak Brand Gel can also be provided in a plain non-printed film version or in a custom imprinted format.

Kodiak Brand Gel is food grade conforming to FDA regulation 176.170. It is non-toxic, non hazardous and biodegradable.

Item # Description


“8 oz

Size: 5.75”X5”X.75”
Unit weight: ½ lb
72 units/case
48 cases/pallet
3456 units /pallet
Gross weight: 1816 lbs


“12 oz”

Size: 5.75X7.25X1”
Unit weight: ¾ lb
48 units /case
2304 units /pallet
Gross weight: 1816 lbs


“16 oz”

Size: 5.75X7X1”
Unit weight: 1 lb
36 units/case
48 cases/pallet
1728 units/pallet
Gross weight: 1816 lbs


“24 oz”

Size: 5.25X10X1”
Unit Weight 1.5 lbs
24 units/case
48 cases/pallet
1152 units/pallet
Gross weight: 1816 lbs


“48 oz”

Size: 5.75”X13”X2.25”
Unit Weight 3 lbs
12 units/case
48 cases/pallet
576 units /pallet
Gross weight/pallet-
1768 pounds