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The Surprising Ways You Can Use Dry Ice in the Home and Garden

Tuesday, January 28th, 2020
Beautiful decoration composition bouquet on a table and dry ice smoke.

Dry ice is an incredibly versatile substance that can be used in a variety of ways you wouldn’t initially think possible. As an extremely cold (-109F!!) solid state of naturally occurring compound, carbon dioxide, dry ice is an unsung hero for its numerous applications. It’s property of sublimation (when a solid evaporates into gas) and a lack of corrosive chemicals are just a few of the advantages it has over other substances in each of the following use cases. 

Take a look at just a few of the surprising ways dry ice can be used around your home and assist with your gardening.

Repairing dents and hail damage on cars

Has your car been damaged by a hail storm? Or do you have some unsightly dents on your vehicle? You can potentially use dry ice to repair some of the damage done to the body of your car. Because of the incredibly cold temperature of dry ice, it will condense metal. And when it condenses, it can work to shrink small dents and dings on the car. 

First (and most importantly), put on a pair of heavy gloves and place a bit of dry ice on the inside of the dent, if this is possible. As you place the dry ice inside the dent, press a flat sheet flush against the dent.

If you cannot place the dry ice inside the dent, then (again, with your heavy gloves on!) hold the dry ice in a manner that allows it to fit into the bottom most part of the dent. 

Whether you are able to hold it on the concave or convex side of the dent, do the following: hold the dry ice against the surface until the area surrounding the dent is frosted. Remove the dry ice from the dent and allow the surface to warm up slightly. Then repeat the process.  

You should begin to see the dent become much less noticeable and shrink in size.You will very likely still see the crease line of the dent, but there are times where the dent may pop out completely! One benefit to this DIY method is that there is a reduced likelihood of causing paint damage throughout the process. However, if the paint on the car is poorly bonded to the underlying metal, then peeling and damage will quite likely occur.

Easily removing floor tiles 

If you are doing renovations on your home or a particular location where you find yourself removing floor tiles, dry ice can be quite useful! It is used because its extremely cold temperatures will freeze, shrink, and subsequently loosen the adhesive that bonds the tiles to the floor 

When purchasing the dry ice for this purpose, choose the dry ice that comes in a ‘sheet’ form, if at all possible. While wearing thick heavy gloves, you will place the dry ice on the center of the tile and then remove it once the tile is completely frosted. 

After the tile has frosted, remove the piece of dry ice (still wearing your heavy gloves!). If the tile has not already popped free from its bonds, then you should be able to break it loose with a few taps from a hammer or slightly prying with a screwdriver. This is an excellent use case for dry ice, provided that you are working within a smaller area. This specific method of removing tile is far too time-consuming to do for an entire floor of tiles. 

Quickly freeze and store fruits and vegetables

You can use dry ice to flash freeze fresh fruits and vegetables in order to store them to enjoy in later months. 

Take for example, fresh strawberries that have been picked while ripe in the summer months. To perfectly freeze these fresh fruits, all you need is a piece of dry ice and a cooler. You will place the dry ice in the cooler (do NOT close the lid! Do this in a well- ventilated space) and then wash and dry your strawberries. Once you have patted them dry, carefully place them directly on top of the dry ice sitting in the cooler. Lower the lid of the cooler (but do not let it seal! The carbon dioxide gases emanated during dry ice’s sublimation will cause the cooler to explode if it is allowed to seal).

You can remove the strawberries once they have been frozen solid, which should only take 20-30 minutes. Have a large freezer-safe baggie with you that is open and  ready for you to put the strawberries in. Mark the baggie with the date and then store it in the freezer for upwards of a year for freshness. 

Grow a beautiful green garden

Dry ice can be exceptionally beneficial for the aspiring gardener. For example, when transporting plants, a block of dry ice placed with the pots (but not in direct contact with the plants!) will keep the plants cool enough to delay blooming. Flowers that are ready to bloom can be maintained at 34F to halt the blooming.

Finally, when dry ice is placed near plants, the extra carbon dioxide vapors emanated by the sublimation process is a healthy boost to the rate of a plant’s growth! 


Dry ice is a versatile product that can be used in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. If you are looking for dry ice in large quantities, contact the experts at Reliant Dry Ice today. We are passionate about providing high-quality and reliable products for all of your needs. Call us at (806) 335-6600 or Contact Us by email to learn more About Us, our Products, and Dry Ice Blasting.