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Dry Ice Blasting Is A More Effective Cleaning Method Than Traditional Techniques

Tuesday, February 19th, 2019
dry ice blasting

Dry ice blasting is one of the most effective, safest, and cheapest way to clean. Dry ice blasting is far superior to traditional cleaning techniques and will help your team work faster and get through more jobs quicker.

Dry ice likely isn’t the first thing you think of when you are considering the best ways to clean an industrial space. However, dry ice has numerous benefits that will save your business time and money. Also, dry ice requires far less secondary clean-up than traditional techniques, saving you time both during the cleaning and during the secondary cleaning.

Time: save some more!

It will take two dry ice technicians about an hour to clean a 500 sq. Ft. Space. They can do this cleaning without chemicals, solvents, and other compounds. That means, they can clean the space without having to dispose of the chemicals afterward. Moreover, depending on what you’re cleaning, you can keep running the dry ice as your team moves into other sections.

Productivity: increase it!

Moreover, you do not need to disassemble any equipment to clean with dry ice. Dry ice is dry (yes, it is ice, but it is also dry). That means no moisture could damage your equipment, so no need to take it apart to protect it. So, you can clean without disrupting workflow. You can clean and not deal with the loss of productivity because you need to wait to reassemble your machines nor do you need to wait for your spaces to dry.

Save some money!

Finally, save money! Dry ice is faster, more efficient, and uses fewer materials than traditional cleaning techniques. Using traditional techniques, you need to account for the clearing of equipment, the clean-up of the chemicals, waiting for the spaces to dry, and the cost of disposing of the used chemicals. Dry ice has none of that headache! Overall, dry ice blasting is one of the safest, fastest, and cheapest ways to clean your industrial spaces.

If you would like to purchase some dry ice for your business, consider calling Reliant Dry Ice. We carry dry ice suitable for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. We can provide you with bulk dry ice orders today! Feel free to give us a call at (714) 330-4281 or Contact Us by email to learn more About Us and our Products. Our experts are happy to walk through the pros of using dry and to nail down exactly what type of dry ice best serves your company’s needs.