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3 Uses For Dry Ice In The Medical Industry

Thursday, July 5th, 2018
dry ice uses in the medical industry

Dry ice isn’t something the average person thinks about on a daily basis. This product often goes unappreciated it for its broad range of uses. Most people know that it can be used to keep food cold or make fog for concerts and parties. However, dry ice is also used in many ways in the medical industry, like transportation, cleaning, and storage.


Dry ice is used by hospitals and laboratories when they need to ship temperature sensitive items. These items include biomedical samples, organs, blood, and other sensitive materials that must stay cool during transportation. Dry ice is extremely cold compared to regular freezer ice. Its temperature is about -109 degrees Fahrenheit, while regular ice sits at 32 degrees, meaning this material is 141 degrees colder than regular ice.

This product also stays cold for much longer than regular ice and does not melt. Instead, it evaporates into gas over time, making it ideal for shipping temperature sensitive items over the course of several days.


Dry ice can also be used to clean medical and industrial equipment. The use of caustic cleaners can be harmful to equipment and tools. With dry ice blasting, the only element used is tiny pellets shot at high velocity from a blasting machine, similar to a sand blasting machine. This method of cleaning is becoming more popular because it is cheaper, reduces waste, is environmentally friendly, and decreases the use of harmful chemicals.

Dry ice blasting works by blasting the surface of equipment with smaller shaved pellets. When the pellets make contact with the surface, it quickly converts from a solid into a gas. The gas then expands and removes contaminants from the surface. Dry ice blasting is strong enough to remove contaminants, but is gentle enough not to damage the equipment. Additionally, it does not leave any debris or waste behind due to the sublimation process.


Biological samples like vaccines and blood work are frequently stored with dry ice. These types of samples are sensitive and need to stay cold for long periods of time, making dry ice one of the best options to store them. Moreover, if there is a power outage or natural disaster, this product can continue keeping samples cold for long periods of time.

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